Once you have made the order is mean you accept and bound by all the terms and conditions here. Angélica Fleurs reserve the right to revise and to change without any notification. Angélica Fleurs can change and revise the information and service inside the website without and further notice. Once you have made the order after any revise of the terms and conditions is mean you have accept and bound by the Terms and Conditions.In the event of any ambiguity, conflict or inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.


1.Please fill in the required information in the “contact” and we will contact you later to confirm you if the schedule date is available.

2.To discuss the framework of the design.

3.To deposit a sum of 50% as reservation deposit to reserve the date, please read the following terms and conditions before transferring the said sum of deposits to us.

4.when we confirm your payment , We will provide a form for you to fill out further as to understand your need and design,is discuss the design formally. (The discussion of proposal of the wedding decoration)

5.After the confirmation of the design, please wait patiently of the scheduled date to come, and please feel free to have any enquires before that.

For your convenience, we assign each heading with unique colour code:
Orange for general conditions
Pink for fresh flower products
Green for silk flower products
Blue for silk ribbon products

  • What kind of flower product can order?
    You can order anything that related to flower, you just need to tell us what you want to do.

  • Some general conditions you should pay attentions before you place order:Instead of “Standard package”, our floral arrangements are all personally designed with heart. Our Dear Brides, please understand the style of our florist design and accept our marketing strategy before you place order. Many thanks!1,Please respect our original work, do not provide our design to other stores for reference, for quotation or imitation.
    2,We put all our efforts to do the best designs in the weddings. Meanwhile, we also value the communication with our customers, your patient for our reply is highly appreciated. Reminder pieces are not recommended. We believe “Better Mood, Better Design”.
    3,You may not use our products for any illegal or unauthorized purpose nor may you, in the use of Service, violate any laws in your jurisdiction.

  • Any guidelines of the fees of the wedding decoration?
    Every wedding is unique under different design and idea from the clients, therefore, every quotation will be different, we will written down all the requirements and ideas and then we will have an initially quotation for you first.

  • Any discounts?
    Please do respect the designer and don’t negotiate about the price, we need all your support for the design. We are trying our best to design every wedding, and we have spent a lot of time in it also.

  • The size of the flower bouquet ?
    The flower bouquet is tailor made with the outfit of the bride; there have no standard size with it.

  • How long it takes before the order? Can we add or delete some of the order?
    For wedding, it need to order 3 to 6 months before the actual date, otherwise extra charge will be added if you order within 2 months only.
    And if you have ordered already and you want to add the order, please do it 1month before the actual date,and the actual date will be effective once you have transfer the money.
    You cannot delete any of the order, but you can exchange it with the product that have the same price. Therefore, please double confirm the quantity before you order it.

  • Can I change the date or to make any refund under personal reason?
    Deposit is for holding the date and to enjoy the special price of it (if you want to add the order on different date or change the date, you need to pay the updated or different price then). If the order is cancel by either 1 party before 3 months of the actual date, refund can be make without taking any responsibilities. You can’t cancel or refund within 3 months of the actual date under any circumstances. However, you can change the date once and you must inform us within 2 weeks before the actual date. You can only change to the date that we are available within a year from the actual date. And the ordered cannot transfer to any third party.

  • For the AngélicaFleurs floral workshop
    Once you have signed up for the workshop and payment is received, you have agreed to Angelica Fleurs’ terms and conditions. It is each participant’s responsibility to carefully review the workshop description, and understand the terms and conditions.Payment is not refundable nor transferable under any circumstances. Angelica Fleurs do not offer any full or partial refunds once payment is made.

    For private one-on-one workshops, all classes must be attended within 9 months from date of payment. If for any reason, participant is not able to attend the workshop, and without notice 2 weeks prior to date of workshop, no replacement of class or refund will be made.

    While highly unlikely, Angelica Fleurs reserves the rights to change the dates or times of our workshop for any reason. Angelical Fleurs also reserves the right to decline workshop admission prospective participant, and reserves the right to ask any participants to leave the workshops at any time its sole discretion.

  • Do we need face to face discussion?
    We just need face to face discussion under a “big” decoration ,like wedding decoration or event decoration. For other product ( flower bouquet and Boutonniere), you can email us your requirement and at this circumstances, the design is depends on the confidence of each other. However, we do not offer oral agreement and enquires.

  • How to design the flower bouquet and the flower product after we reserved the date?
    We will design under the idea and information that you give us. You can advise us the main color, other color, feel, pattern, flower that dislike and color that dislike. The flower products are tailor-made. e.g. I want pink color to be the main color, white and lilac to be the other color, don’t add any blue color, I want the flower bouquet to be circle shape, romantic feel, and don’t want it to be too sharp in color, and don’t like the flower of calla、chrysanthemum. I want to add peony to be the main flower, if don’t have peony, can be gardenrose instead.

  • What flower will you use to design?
    We will not set the flower for the design, we mostly choose the most beautiful flower when we go to the market. I believe you must have known our style, so please do trust us. However, you can add the flower you loved if you want to,but it will be have extra charge when you write any flower in design . Please email us about the flower you want to add, however flower is depends on the market supply, and it will definitely affected by the weather, we cannot 100% guarantee that you can have what you want. If we cannot buy the flower that you want to add, we will arrange refund of the extra charges regarding the flower you add.

  • What kind of flower used for silk flower bouquet?
    Same as ordering fresh flower bouquet,  you only require to provide the information about the primary colour, harmonious colour, the shape and style you prefer, even please notice us your unfavorable flower(s) and colour(s) as well ,then, we will base on your information provided and tailor-made a unique silk flower bouquet for your wedding. However, if you want to order specific species silk flower , an extra $200 will be charged for each.

    As all our silk flowers are imported from Japan, France, Korea and USA etc., to avoid unexpected delay and out of stock, you are highly recommended to make an order two to three months before your big day. Kindly reiminded to  order specified species of silk flower are  based on the availability.

  • can you revise your silk bouquet  ?
    When we sent a preliminary bouquet photo, if you dissatisfied about the Shape, we have Once alteration service about the shape, please note that can not change the flowers and colors, because we are based on your form to design. Of course, if you still want to change your bouquet design again, there will be HKD500 each charges.

  • How to keep qulity of the silk flower?

    Silk flower can be washed gently and dry.No soak in hot water. You can also clean the surface by brush. Mostly, it is used for oversea Pre-wedding photography. It is perfect if customers can bring it by your own to keep the bouquet well.  We also provide oversea shipping. Customers should take the risk of any defective and damage by post.

  • Can we change any one or two product in the package?
    Package is a kind of promotion package only, if you want to change any of it, it needs extra charge added.

  • I buy bride bouquet only, I don’t need decoration and how can I take the flowers or any delivery?
    You can pick up the flowers one day before from the studio of Kwai Hing, *all pick up booking is at night 18:30pm-21:30pm *if you need delivery will be extra charge and the costs will be depends on the place. Please give us the exact name and the phone number of the receiver.

  • Can you guarantee you can deliver on the exact time?
    We will deliver 2 to 3 hours within your scheduled time.

  • If I pick up myself, can it be earlier or later than the exact time under personal reason?
    You need to inform us 2 weeks before the actual date for the pick up if you want to pick up earlier. Please pick up the flower before 21:30 on the date.

  • How to maintain the flower?
    Teaching tips will be included. All goods will be sent out before raising water and sprayed with preservative locked water spray, after receiving the goods, please make sure there is enough vases or containers have enough water, place in a cool location, do not direct light with table lamp, do not remove the flower out of the water, and let the flower rest for a night. On the actual wedding day or photo shooting day, please carry some bottle of water, especially in summer, the flower ball cannot spend more than 40 minutes without water, especially in some very dry flower. After sending out the flowers products, maintenance responsibilities have been delivered to you, remember that water is the only flower nutrients, flower will dieif it leave the water.

  • Silk Ribbon order procedures and instructions
    Our Silk ribbon is dyed by living colour pigment form plant and fruit. Dved is time consuming and weather depending, so urgent order is not acceptable except in stock case. Please place the order 1 month before. We will proceed your order after your payment. Don’t rush for the  product.
    Either Self-pickup or by post is welcomed. Delivery charged excluded. SF-Express defaulted.Customers please notice that the size of products have 3-5% tolerance due to handmaking.

  • Kindly reminder you something about our silk ribbon:

    ‌while our silk ribbon is dyed by living colour pigment form plant and fruit, each color is created with a specific proportion of materials, variations can always occur,  so no refund and return under these conditions. We randomly choose one of our product to be sample. We can guarantee the style, colour tone, and produce process,e.g. stacked dye and marble dyed are the same in a log of goods. Our plant dyed silk ribbon is valuable that “Nature is perfectly imperfect”.

  • How to maintain silk ribbon?
    As our silk ribbon has rinsed, it can be used directly and the colour will not fade out remarkably. It can be  hand-washed gently and hung to dry and ironed with mild temperture. Washing machine will damage the silk and may affect the colour effect. Its is suggested using mild cleanser to wash. No bleaching and dyeing, and no put near with both acidic and alkaline solution, otherwise it will also damage the silk ribbon. Please pay attention above explanation, we will not take the responsibility for human error.

  • Ordering information:
    There is no perfect on the world, and none of the flower is the same, flower is full of uncertainty, if you are one of the perfectionist, please do not order flower product. Everything depends on as is basis, once you receive the flower, the responsibility is transfer to you already, and we do not accept any complain about it. As our shop is tailor made, we don’t copy, so please accept the style and design of our shop. The entire photo that you give us is only for reference, please don’t compare with other shop as every flower shop have unique style.