Waterfall bouquet


The shower bouquet design is also sometimes referred to as a cascading, trailing or waterfall bouquet.

Like a waterfall, the bouquet flows and is designed to gently cascade downwards. Larger flowers are often placed at the top of the design, graduating to smaller blooms as it tapers down.
In LOVE with all composition Big loose waterfall bouquet and this one became an instant fav

Waterfall  bouquet $2,800

provide the bouquet color scheme、Feelings and what you want,we will using 6-10 in season flowers for your design

You can add $300 join package included
2 Groom’s Boutonniere  and 1 Head-flowers

Upgrade for using Luxury Flowers
Peony / Garden Rose / American Rose / Anemone / Orchid / Amazon Lily .. $200 for 1

Other Boutonniere / Corsage /Crown /bridesmaid ,Please chick here

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